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If unable to keep appointment, we must have the following advance notice for:
    Office Visits = 48 hour notice,
    Procedures = 72 hour notice.
    See: Cancellation document.


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Persistent Heartburn: Could your heartburn be GERD?
See :: GERD


About Hemorrhoids
What they are, symptoms, how common they are, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. National Institutes of Health site:
Understanding Hemorrhoids -- the Basics
Provided by WebMD Medical Reference.


Click here for a separate page of Hepatitis information.
Herbs and Foods May Lead to Complications If You Take Them with Drugs 
**NOTE**  Many people have the mistaken notion that, being natural, all herbs and foods are safe. This is not so. Very often, herbs and foods may interact with medications you normally take that result in serious side reactions. It is always a good practice to tell your doctor or health practitioners what you are taking so that they can advise you of possible complications, if there is any. You should also keep an eye for unusual symptoms. Very often, this may foretell the symptoms of a drug interaction.
Virtua Health
A provider of comprehensive community-based health care in southern New Jersey, with five hospitals located in Camden and Burlington Counties. 
Virtua Memorial Hospital in Burlington County
175 Madison Avenue, Mt. Holly, NJ 08060, 609-267-0700
Deborah Heart and Lung Center 
Deborah Hospital is the premier provider of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary services in the region. Located in Brown Mills, Burlington County, New Jersey. General Information Line 1-800-555-1990 NJ, PA, MD, NY, DE, VA only.
The Cleveland Clinic
U.S. News & World Report names The Cleveland Clinic one of the nation's top four hospitals in its annual "America's Best Hospitals" survey. Located in Cleveland, Ohio. Tel: 800.223.2273 .
Hahnemann University Hospital
Located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, Hahnemann University Hospital is a tertiary care institution with a large percentage of beds dedicated to intensive care. This 618-bed teaching facility specializes in cardiac services, heart failure and transplantation, OB/GYN, medical and radiation oncology, bone marrow transplantation, renal dialysis and kidney/pancreas transplantation.
The Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic's philosophy of patient care, laid out more than 100 years ago, emphasizes that "it is necessary to develop medicine as a cooperative science the clinician, the specialist, and the laboratory workers uniting for the good of the patient." One Cancer Center Three Sites: Jacksonville Rochester Scottsdale.
Penn Health
The nation's leading hospital system has doctors and medical services for all your health care needs. For the Presbyterian Medical Center, Penn Medicine at Cherry Hill/Radnor, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania Hospital.
Through 1-800-789-PENN (7366), you can also access PENNHealth Aware, a free health information library, 24 hours a day.
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital was among the first to use capsule endoscopy to diagnose unexplained gastrointestinal disorders. Their hereditary cancer testing program, among the most comprehensive in the Delaware Valley, assesses risk of hereditary colorectal cancer and helps doctors, patients and families understand complex lifestyle and treatment options for this disease.
Hospital Link .com
Hospital Web Site Directory Search By City, State, Name & More!
New Jersey Hospitals & Healthcare
The New Jersey directory to Hospitals. Plus NJ doctors, health news, healthcare jobs, and information. 
Hospitals Worldwide - Hospital Search 
A Worldwide hospital database, search by country or keyword. Great travel aid!
Click below for USA Hospitals from Hospitals Worldwide: 
H. pylori and Peptic Ulcer
What it is, symptoms and other facts. Researchers believe that H. pylori type of bacteria is responsible for the majority of peptic ulcers. National Institutes of Health site:

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